The Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife advocates and promoted state bills which furthers wildlife protection. The organization understands as new scientific studies uncover realities of animal endangerment, new legislation should be implemented. A current one, garnering much support from wildlife advocates, is titled AB 1788, which if passed, will ban rat poison in California. In just a few months, the bill has already passed through 3 committees and the state assembly voted in favor of it (49-16), so it is now headed to state senate.

Although the poison effectively eliminates rats, it also has a toll on predators of the rats. The rodenticide does not immediately kill a rat when the poison is consumed. Instead, the rat becomes lethargic and is slow enough for predators to easily target. The rat poison which was in the rat is now in the predator as well. Additionally, the poison attracts these mammals in the same fashion they attract rodents, so some instances of poisoning of wildlife are through firsthand ingestion.1 The poison is not strong enough to kill a larger animal, however it attacks its immune system, weakening the animal. Another side effect which slowly incapacitates wildlife which have poison within their system is uncontrollable bleeding and hemorrhaging. This epidemic plagues 29 species in California alone. 2

The CLAW has already successfully banned a higher degree of rat poison and hopes to completely eliminate it by spreading the word about the benefits of bill AB 1788. 3

Wildlife Generation Foundation works with CLAW as well as Mountain Lion Foundation to create reform within the rodent poison market. Help us by sharing the news, promoting billAB 1788, contacting legislators within California, and implementing your own ideas to eliminate the usage and eventually ban rodenticides.

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