Our world has experienced such high levels of deforestation, there is no feasible solution to fully reverse the damage. If we act quickly, however, there is a chance to protect what is left of our crucial, natural resources and begin to recover. Imagine 27 soccer fields, covered in trees, going up in flames every single minute. Essentially, that is what is occurring on our planet. 1 That averages to about 18,000,000 acres of forest each year. 2

The root of our problem: rainforest deforestation. Specifically, the cutting down of rainforests in Indonesia. These tropical rainforests are the homes of 10% of Earth’s plants and animals, yet it is the most threatened by deforestation, having lost 39 million acres in the past century. 3

Although there are a plethora of problems directly related to deforestation, the most severe consequence of the mass elimination of forests is its impact on our climate. As trees are burned or cut down, they release massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, about 1 billion tons/ year. Ironically, 15% of greenhouse gas emissions come from species whose intended purpose is to absorb carbon. 4 Additionally, deforestation disrupts water vapor flows, which also has a detrimental effect on our climate.

The way to prevent extreme species extinction, and ultimately, the extinction of our planet to relentlessly advocate for change. Wildlife Generation works alongside multiple organizations which promote reforestation. Social Compassion in Legislation fights to enact bills conserving lives and species of animals based in California. They are currently asking for help spreading the word of a bill in the process of enactment. The AB 572 (Kalra) California Deforestation- Free Procurement Act prohibits state contracts to be made with any palm oil, soy, cattle, rubber, timber, and any other “forest risk commodity” companies who engage in acts of deforestation. This encourages the success of deforestation conscious companies which will begin to curb the problem and encourage other states and countries to adopt similar bills. 5

To impact this movement, Social Compassion in Legislature is urging Californians to tweet, post, and spread the word about the bill and its potential for radical change.

#YesOnAB1260 (@BMaienschein) ensures that Californians are not contributing to the suffering of several species of lizards, caiman, & hippos, all of which are used in the exotic skin trade. Join luxury brands such as @CHANEL & ban exotic skins in California! @LorenaSGonzalez.

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